I’m Abdo. I’m a Berlin based Art Director.

I was made in Egypt 31 years ago. Spent my life back and forth between Germany and Egypt, which has given me a lot of insight into different cultures and diversity. 

Starting off my career, I worked at UPS for many years, which taught me to organise and sort out all my thoughts and notions. Be careful, I have many surprise packages in my head.

My mind is my workspace. It’s like living in my own bubble, helps me recharge but to be honest, don’t we all?

Art Direction for me is a way of expression, giving me the chance to share with the world a view that I enjoy. Besides all that, I’m interested in Neuropsychology and good Beef Burgers… uhh that mushroom and cheese.

So if you are looking for a great idea or need burger recommendation in Berlin, Zürich, New York or Cairo drop me a line.


  • 2019 // Diploma Art Direction, Miami Ad School, Berlin-Germany.

  • 2019/January – 2019/March // Art Director Intern @Leo Burnett, Zuich,Switzerland

  • 2018/October – 2019/January // Art Director Intern @ J. Walther Thompson, New York,USA

  • 2018/July – 2018/October // Art Director Intern @ People Ideas & Culture, New York,USA

  • 2017-Present // MSc, Management & Innovation for Creativity + Business, Steinbeis, Berlin-Germany.

  • 2010-2017 // UPS Vertragspartner-Management and Operations, Berlin-Germany.

  • 2014 // Advanced Diploma Cretscom Leadership, Berlin-Germany.  

  • 2010 // BoA in Mass Media specialized in Advertising and PR, MUST University, Cairo-Egypt 

  • 2006 // Diploma NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Cairo- Egypt